QR Codes of Historical Marshfield

The city of Marshfield, Wisconsin is full of a rich history that started prior 
to 1872.  In honor of some of our many historical events, places and people, 
we give below a glance into our past and our present.  Here is a look at a 1901 
Newspaper, listing the current businesses: Directory of Marshfield's Retail 

For more stories, you can search and view Marshfield's Stories alphabetically or by location.  
To view alphabetically, click the appropriate group of letters or click the "View All" button to 
scan through the entire list.
(Check back with us as more QR Codes will be coming soon.)

You can also search by location.  Below are links to maps of downtown Marshfield by block.  Click on the appropriate block to see the stories linked to each address.  

                                                                                             (Coming Soon)

                                                                                             (Coming Soon)

Please remember there are also stories that are not linked to Central Avenue.  Click here for a list of those stories or look for them in the alphabetical index.

                                                                                               Speaker Keith Meacham shares stories and information                                                                                                       about Central Wisconsin Railroads.

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